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Air conditioner with UV technology eliminates bacteria and viruses

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Already knew? A subsidy of up to 100 % of the acquisition costs is possible!

Thanks to UV technology, our air conditioning system with hygiene concept eliminates both bacteria and viruses from the air. The air-conditioning systems are generally eligible for funding under the federal government's Bridging Assistance 3 Plus and 4 programs. Eligible companies, such as hotels and catering businesses, receive a complete refund of the costs of an investment in a new hygiene concept! Both the purchase and installation costs of the systems are eligible for reimbursement - don't let the subsidy for air conditioning systems pass you by!
We accompany you in your project from the consultation and conception to the delivery of the air conditioning system with hygiene concept. In addition, we offer you the procurement of a competent installation company in your region.

Air conditioning Malpensa
INHP12 with UV technology

The air conditioner with UV technology - eliminates bacteria and viruses.

Air conditioner Elba Mini
INHP9 with UV technology

The compact air conditioner with UV technology - eliminates bacteria and viruses.

Disclaimer: Raumluft24 Klimatechnik GmbH cannot guarantee the assumption of costs. The decision on eligibility is made exclusively on the basis of your application by the competent authority. Seek advice in advance from your tax advisor or auditor.

About the eligible air conditioners

Icon: Air conditioner for heating and cooling

Air conditioning and heating
in a plant

Icon: Quiet air conditioners

Extremely quiet and powerful model

Icon: Air conditioner with UV disinfection - Air conditioner with hygiene concept

Effective germ elimination
by UVC lamp

Icon: Air conditioner without outdoor unit

No more disturbing outdoor unit on the building facade

Icon: Controllable by remote control

By remote control,
Touch display and app controllable

Among the eligible air conditioners

Icon: UV technology against viruses - Covid, Sars-Cov2, Corona

Advantages of our air conditioners for the hotel and catering industry

For a healthy climate in the cold season.

Make your guests' stay as safe and relaxed as possible thanks to
Air conditioning with hygiene concept for effective germ elimination. Our air conditioning systems especially for the hotel and gastronomy sector can be easily retrofitted within one hour per room - without disturbing your business. You can control all functions of up to 150 devices simultaneously from your mobile device, even when you are on the road!

Our air conditioners even have an extra hotel mode, which causes certain controls to be inaccessible or restricted to your guests.

Current information on bridging assistance 4 from the Federal Ministry:

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