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Here we have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you. We hope that this service will help you to quickly find the answers to your questions.

Inverter wall air conditioners - General:

How does an air conditioner work without an exhaust hose?

Air conditioning systems no longer require a disruptive outdoor unit on the building façade.
The core drill is used to drill two ventilation openings through the outer wall directly behind the unit for exhaust air and fresh air supply (an exact drilling template ensures quick and precise installation). For the air conditioner, the diameter for the ventilation openings must be only 16 cm, for the more powerful Florence unit 20 cm.
The maximum length of the piping can be up to 1 meter.
The condensate produced during heating operation is automatically discharged to the outside via a condensate drain. Learn more here about our air conditioners.

Can you cool or heat multiple rooms with one air conditioner?

The inverter air conditioners always cool and heat the room in which they are installed to the desired temperature. Adjacent rooms, which are separated by a room door, always get only a little cool or warm air. A room door opening is too small for an optimal air exchange.

Is it possible to look at the air conditioners?

In our showroom in Barsinghausen, the devices are installed in working order.
Consultation appointments can be made by phone.
Please note that it is mandatory to make an appointment so that an employee can take sufficient time for a comprehensive consultation.

How much does a good air conditioner cost?

Depending on the model, the purchase cost of an air conditioner ranges from 1,400 to 3,000 euros.

In what temperature ranges can the wall air conditioner be set?

The desired temperature can be freely selected, in the range from 18 to 32 degrees Celsius.

What happens to the condensate that accumulates?

Our wall air conditioners extract the warm air including humidity from the room, this is transported to the outside through one of the core holes together with the air as water vapor.
Only additional condensate is discharged via the condensate drain hose.
Additional condensate is formed whenever you heat with the system, or cool the room down below 23 degrees.

Does the condensate drain have to be installed to the outside?

The condensate drain hose, which is about the thickness of a finger, should be routed outward with an external hole so that it protrudes about 2 cm from the wall of the house so that any additional condensate can drip off freely and does not run down the wall of the house.
Alternatively, you can leave the hose in the room and direct it into a container.
For the vertical units, it is mandatory to lay the condensate drain to the outside.

Is maintenance required?

Regular maintenance by a specialist company is not necessary.
The refrigerant is in closed lines, checking or refilling is not necessary. Only an occasional cleaning of the permanent filter should be carried out. This is located under the top cover and can be quickly removed and cleaned.

Can a cold bridge develop?

No, on the inner wall on the holes are placed inner flanges, the flanges are pressed into the unit by the weight of the mounted air conditioner, the unit connects directly to the wall. The wall air conditioners are additionally insulated from behind.

What sounds can be heard in the outdoor area?

Only a wind noise can be heard outside.

Can any spare parts that may be needed be reordered?

We can supply all single as well as spare parts. Spare parts for older devices can also be ordered.
Here you can go to our Spare parts information page.

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To which countries are the air conditioners delivered?

The air conditioners are shipped to all EU countries, Turkey and Switzerland.
Accordingly, delivery is made within the country (Germany) and to the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey.

You can find current information about shipping on our Shipping overview.

How long does it take for the goods to arrive at my home?

The current delivery time for the desired model is stored in the online store on each product detail page. Simply click on the desired product to get to the respective detail page.

How is the shipment of the air conditioner?

Shipment is secured on a pallet, by forwarding company.


How long does it take to install an air conditioner?

The air conditioners from Raumluft24 are ready assembled and ready for immediate use within only about 1 hour.

Who can do an installation in my zip code area?

Upon request, the company Raumluft 24 Klimatechnik GmbH will provide you with the contact address of a craftsman's company for the professional installation of the purchased air conditioning system, including the execution of the necessary core drilling.
These are companies from your region with relevant experience in the installation of air conditioning systems.
The craft enterprises work on their own account and are each independently operating companies.

What to consider when installing the air conditioner?

The wall air conditioners are ready to plug in. All you need is a normal power outlet nearby and two core drillings in the outer wall (if no sufficiently large outer wall is available, an alternative installation option can also be realized with our ventilation boxes). In this case, please be sure to take advantage of our expert advice by telephone.
The installation is possible for the air conditioner without outdoor unit also in self-work on any available inner wall (2 external holes with 16 cm diameter each are required).
For the installation of the air conditioner you need no more than a core drill. Drilling template, screws, dowels, retaining bar, plastic inner flanges, cover flaps and a condensate drain hose are included. Instructions with the various assembly steps are also included, you can also find these here.

Does a minimum distance to the ceiling/floor have to be maintained?

The air conditioner should not touch a wall/ceiling or the floor. Contact with a wall/floor will make the unit considerably louder, and vibrations may then be transmitted. A minimum distance of approx. 5 cm to all sides as well as floor/ baseboards must be maintained. If the unit is installed at ceiling height, a minimum distance of approx. 15 cm from the ceiling must be maintained so that the permanent filter located under the top cover can be removed for cleaning.

Can the air conditioner be installed in rooms with sloping ceilings?

Installation of the wall air conditioner must be made in the knee floor, i.e. on a straight wall. The piping is made horizontally through the cavity to the roof surface. The path must not be longer than 1m. The pipes must be connected to vent tiles (roofers).

Is scaffolding or the like required for installation on higher floors?

The complete assembly of the wall air conditioner is done from the inside, including the external cover flaps.
Call or email us if you need help!
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