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Product energy certificate: Air conditioner Bergamo Vertical INHP12

Air conditioner Bergamo Vertical INHP12

The premium commercial model

Cooling and heating function
Large roomstill 60m²
CoolantR 32
Operable via remote control and appControllable via remote control, touch display and app


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Our powerful premium model with WLAN module and APP control - the further development of wall air conditioners with a housing made of painted stainless steel.

With a very low noise level of only 27 decibels and a small housing depth of only 18.5 cm, the new design monoblock wall air conditioner Bergamo Vertical INHP12 is an eye-catcher for your rooms.

The air conditioner is suitable for room sizes up to 60 m².

Another highlight of this newly developed air conditioner is that the outer cover flaps close automatically when the air conditioner is not in operation.

This air conditioner combines air conditioning and heating in one unit. In addition, our air conditioners no longer require a disruptive outdoor unit on your building facade.

You acquire here an extremely quiet and high-quality air conditioner of the latest generation in an attractive, chic, pure white design.

Our air conditioners are designed and manufactured in Europe and are characterized by high quality, very quiet operation and low energy consumption.

The air conditioners can be controlled via the supplied remote control. In addition, the air conditioner is equipped with a touch display, which means that the air conditioner can be used at any time even without a remote control. It is also possible to access, set or change all functions via your mobile device (tablet or smartphone).

A dehumidification function allows the multifunctional air conditioner to be set to "only" dehumidification mode.

The air conditioner is characterized by a very quiet operating noise of only 27 decibels. Thus, it can be perfectly used in living rooms and bedrooms.

This modern air conditioner ensures your independence from the outside temperatures.

The following should be noted:
This air conditioner can only be installed at foot level. It is not possible to install this air conditioner close to the ceiling. This is a commercial model, which can not be delivered to the private consumer. Private consumers who are interested in this air conditioner, please contact us by phone. It is possible to order this model including professional installation through a craftsman's company in your area.

The air conditioners must not be installed in wet rooms or bathrooms.


  • High quality inverter model with latest technology
  • Air circulation - fan operation
  • Temperature controller
  • Infrared remote control with timer function
  • 3 speed fan
  • Automatic mode
  • Air purification filter
  • Operation via touch display, remote control and app possible
  • dual air outlet for better air distribution
  • Power mode for fast cooling
  • Heating up to 0/-5 degrees outside temperature (not suitable as sole heating source)
  • Night whisper mode for very quiet operation
  • Condensate drain for easy removal of the condensate behind the air conditioner

The noise level (sound pressure) measured at a distance of one meter from the unit is only 27 to 41 dbA - the sound power level is 58 dB measured directly on the compressor without sound insulation.

Our wall air conditioners are simple and Easy to install. A drilling template, the wall mounting and the complete mounting hardware including comprehensive installation instructions are included.

The air conditioner works very powerfully in cooling mode in a temperature range from 18 to 32 degrees Celsius.

Technical information

  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Energy efficiency class: 


  • Energy efficiency size: 


  • Energy consumption at 500 operating hours / year in kWh: 


  • Dehumidification performance: 

    approx. 26.4 ltr. / day

  • Color: 

    pure white

  • Proven safety: 


  • Noise level: 

    27 - 41 decibels max. in cooling/heating mode

  • Net weight: 

    53 kg

  • Heating power at full load: 

    2.3 kW

  • Cooling capacity: 

    3500 / 12000 W-Btu/h

  • Cooling capacity at full load: 

    2.3 kW

  • Coolant: 

    R 32

  • Max. Power consumption: 

    855 watt

  • Air circulation: 

    max. 480 m³ / h

  • Dimensions: 

    B/L/T 50*140*18.5

  • Max. Room size: 

    60 m²(sqm) / 150 m³(cbm)

  • Mains connection: 

    230 V / 50 Hz

  • Made for: 

    Room air24

Information about our air conditioners

The units are simple and quick to install. The core drill is used to drill two ventilation openings through the outer wall directly behind the unit for exhaust air and fresh air supply. An accurate drilling template ensures fast and precise installation. With the air conditioner design, the diameter for the ventilation openings must be only 16 cm (exception: Florence model required 20 cm). The maximum length of the piping can be up to 1 meter.

This modern air conditioner can be operated both by remote control and touch display. A lock function of the touch display can be activated to prevent unauthorized persons from changing the settings of the air conditioner.
The condensate produced during heating operation is automatically discharged to the outside via a condensate drain.

A quality product from European development!

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