Air conditioner assembly: pair with drill
By Raumluft24 Editorial Office (sg) // 9. June 2022

This is how the air conditioner installation works!

Learn here how to install your air conditioner yourself. The air conditioner installation is simple, fast and inexpensive. The complete installation material and detailed installation instructions are included.


The special thing about air conditioner without outdoor unit

Raumluft24: Air conditioner assemblyThe air conditioners from Raumluft24 are monobloc wall air conditioners. This means that you do not have to mount a disturbing outdoor unit on your house facade. Only two ventilation openings are necessary for the supply and exhaust air, which can be completely closed with our supplied cover flaps when the air conditioner is not in operation. Another advantage is that the complete installation can be done inside the room where you want to use the air conditioner. Thus, no external scaffolding on the house wall is necessary, which saves you effort and costs!

Our air conditioner installation kit

When you buy your air conditioner, Raumluft24 will provide you with all the necessary utensils.

The included
Mounting material

  • Drilling template in original size for gluing on
  • All necessary screws and dowels
  • One holding bar
  • Two plastic inner flanges
  • Two cover plates for the openings of the supply and exhaust air
  • Plastic condensate drain

You yourself only need to have the appropriate tools ready: For the air openings in the wall of the house is used core drill with an attachment of 16cm (exception: Florence model 20cm). You will also need a spirit level and, if necessary, a ladder.

Finding the right place for your air conditioner

Our wall-mounted air conditioners without outdoor unit are installed on the inside of an exterior wall. If there is no suitable exterior wall, we also offer alternatively Ventilation boxes an.
Our air conditioners are installed horizontally or vertically, depending on the model. Installation of the air conditioners is possible both near the floor and at head height. We recommend the optional optical cover for the underside of the air conditioner for installation at head height. You can order this from us by telephone. Make sure that there is a power outlet near the selected location. Our air conditioners require a normal power connection and are delivered to you ready to plug in!

Our assembly instructions

Air conditioner assembly: schematic diagramDrawing in the mounting points is very easy thanks to our included template. Stick the template to the wall and use a spirit level to make sure it is aligned straight. Use a 16cm diameter core drill to drill the vents into the facade. The retaining bar is fastened with the screws provided. Then, from the inside, the inner flanges and ventilation flaps are inserted, as well as the pipe flaps. Thus, no scaffolding is necessary - optimal, when installing air conditioning in high floors. Now you can hang the air conditioner. The whole assembly takes only about 1 hour!

Air conditioner assembly: instructions

You can also find the step-by-step instructions for air conditioner installation on YouTube as well as on our website.

Thanks to our included air conditioner installation instructions and air conditioner installation kit, you can install your air conditioner yourself. If you do not have the confidence to install an air conditioner on your own, please contact us. Contact We have a nationwide network of skilled craftsmen who can install your air conditioning system for you. The installation costs are about 400 euros per air conditioner.

(Disclaimer: Air conditioning incl. exact installation price, we can not tell you, because we only provide you with a craftsman, but the installation contract is between you and the craftsman!)

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