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By Raumluft24 Editorial Office (sg) // October 12, 2022

Find the right air conditioner

The summer of 2022 broke heat records, and in Central Europe we have to prepare for increasingly hotter and drier summers. In addition, the prices for fossil fuels are currently exploding for the coming heating season. Buying an air conditioner now guarantees energy-efficient regulation of your room temperature in the future, independent of oil and gas. By the way, retrofit air conditioning in the house is very simple:
In this blog article we have summarized the most important points on how to find the right air conditioner. You are also welcome to use our Air conditioner configurator.

The most important factors at a glance
  • Type of room in which the air conditioner will be installed (living room vs. rest room)
  • Room size
  • Air conditioner type
  • Desired features & functions of the air conditioner

1. type of air conditioner

First of all, decide what kind of air conditioner you are interested in. There are several types of air conditioners:

  • Split units are permanently installed and have one indoor and one outdoor unit on the building facade.
  • Monobloc air conditioners have only one indoor unit and discreet ventilation holes on the facade of the house.
  • Mobile air conditioners are small and flexible. The air is discharged through the open window via a hose, so that warm air constantly flows in, which is why these devices are not energy efficient.

At Raumluft24 you can get monobloc air conditioners, i.e. wall air conditioners without outdoor unit. This makes our air conditioners easy to install even on higher floors, since the installation is done completely from the inside, no scaffolding is necessary. Read more about how you can independently install your Install air conditioner.
Our air conditioners are characterized by a modern, simple design. The monoblock air conditioners look chic and unobtrusive with their white paint finish, and the small ventilation holes on your building facade are also barely noticeable.

2. room(size)

Determine in which room the air conditioner should be installed - in the living room for relaxing days or in the bedroom for restful sleep. Our Winter model Roma heats reliably even in severe sub-zero temperatures. Therefore, you can use this air conditioner as a heater. It should be noted that air conditioners are not suitable for wet rooms.

First of all, the most important factor is the size of the room, because air conditioners have different capacities. In a large living room, the cooling load to be provided by the air conditioner is higher than in a small bedroom. The good news is that it is almost impossible to buy an air conditioner that is too powerful, or even has advantages: If the air conditioner is intended for large rooms, it can run at the lowest level when used in less square meters, which saves energy and is particularly quiet.

The risk of buying an underperforming air conditioner that can't meet your needs and is more damaging to your wallet is much greater. But why are there small air conditioners? First and foremost, air conditioners for small rooms score points for their small, space-saving design.

  • Air conditioner for small rooms up to 30 sqm, e.g. bedrooms or children's rooms
  • Air conditioner for medium rooms with about 50 sqm, e.g. living room
  • Air conditioner for large rooms up to 80 sqm, e.g. commercial and open-plan offices
In the Raumluft24 store we show you the suitable room size directly in the product description, so you do not have to calculate. But if you want to know more precisely: The cooling capacity is usually specified with a wattage. To determine the required wattage, you need to know the room area and estimate the status of insulation and solar radiation. Sloping roofs are features that require more wattage, while window fronts don't matter in that regard. Especially in the commercial sector, the number of heat-generating technical devices in the room can also increase the required power.

By the way: If you want to cool a particularly large room or your desired air conditioner alone does not provide enough power, you can also use several air conditioners. This also distributes the cooled air particularly evenly in the room.

In case of deviating room conditions, we are at your disposal for an individual consultation - contact us.

3. features and functions of the air conditioner

The right air conditioner: Quiet air conditionerClosely related to the previously determined room are other necessary characteristics for the right air conditioner. Thus, the air conditioner should be powerful, but also energy efficient. All air conditioners from Raumluft24 have at least energy efficiency class A / A+. Furthermore, pay attention to the volume of your selected air conditioner: for bedrooms, a quiet monoblock air conditioner below 50 dB (decibels) is recommended. At Raumluft24 you will only find air conditioners below 30 dB, which makes them quieter than a whisper. If you are looking for a particularly space-saving model, e.g. for the children's room, we recommend the CAPRI MINI INHP09 or ELBA MINI UV.

Raumluft24: Air conditioner with touch displayAir conditioners have more functions than you may think. As already mentioned, you can cool and heat with all our air conditioners. You also have several options in terms of operation: Control your air conditioner with remote control or via a touch display. You can achieve a particularly high level of operating convenience if you connect your air conditioner to WLAN and thus control it via your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) - a particularly practical function for the central control of several air conditioners, whether in private households or hotels.

Allergy sufferers and all those who want to breathe particularly well in their homes also value air conditioners with UV-C light. This is an extremely effective method to kill up to 99.9 % of all pathogens contained in the air in the room, such as viruses, bacteria and mold. See our models Malpensa UV or Elba Mini UV an.


The most important criteria when choosing an air conditioner are the cooling load or room size and the energy efficiency class - be sure to invest in energy efficiency class A or better so that you are not surprised by the running costs. Which air conditioner is ultimately right for you also depends entirely on your individual needs and expectations. Since you can cool and heat with an air conditioner, you can achieve your comfortable temperature in all rooms.

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