Raumluft24: Advantages of monobloc wall air conditioners
By Raumluft24 Editorial Office (sg) // 9. February 2023

The advantages of monobloc wall air conditioners

Are you considering buying an air conditioner, but don't know which mode is right for your circumstances? In this blog article we explain: What is a monobloc wall air conditioner and what are its advantages?

Basic distinction

First and foremost, the designations of air conditioners are based on the number of units: monobloc air conditioners consist of one unit inside, while split air conditioners also have an outdoor unit. However, monoblock air conditioners can still mean two very different designs: As the name implies, the monoblock wall-mounted air conditioner is a single wall-mounted air conditioner with ventilation and exhaust through the wall. In contrast, there are mobile monobloc air conditioners, which can be used in different rooms as needed, and where an exhaust hose is placed out of the window.

The main advantages
  • Easy installation: from the inside, without laying cables, ready to plug in
  • Only two core drillings for discreet ventilation holes, no disturbing outdoor unit
  • Maintenance-free
  • Quiet & energy efficient

Monobloc wall air conditioners comparison

Mobile monobloc air conditioners are quite inexpensive to purchase and seem practical at first glance, but the exhaust hose gives off heat to the room and, by running through the window, provides a constant flow of warm air. Thus, the electricity costs add up very quickly, which makes the lower acquisition costs obsolete. In addition, the devices are very noisy and thus disturbing, making them rather unsuitable for bedrooms or study rooms. Invest in efficient air conditioners for cooling and heating. Due to the modern inverter technology of our monobloc units, you save electricity and thus cash despite strong performance. Because as soon as the selected temperature in the room is reached, the air conditioner goes into energy-saving mode. Only when the room temperature increases by 2 to 3 °C, the device starts cooling again and consumes energy. You will find: quiet air conditioners for the bedroom, air conditioners for large rooms as well as air conditioners with additional functions such as UV-C light to kill pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and mold.

The biggest advantages: Structure and assembly

Unlike the other types of construction, monobloc wall air conditioners do not require an outdoor unit or an exhaust hose. This has some special advantages:

Did you know that the installation of split air conditioners is often rejected because of the appearance and noise pollution from the outdoor unit?
Whether at head height or under the window - when installing our monobloc wall air conditioners without outdoor unit, you are much more flexible compared to split systems and have less to consider! Split air conditioners are basically installed only at ceiling height. Also, because of the appearance and volume, you must always consider the orientation of the outdoor unit during planning.

Problems you will not have with our monoblock air conditioners, which are quiet from the outside and inside: only two discreet ventilation holes are visible from the outside - also interesting if you live in a house with listed buildings! Only two core drillings in the house facade are necessary for the installation, no pipes have to be laid. If there is not enough space on an exterior wall, an alternative installation option can also be realized with our ventilation boxes.

Your new air conditioner will be delivered to you ready to plug in. Therefore, you do not have to hire extra specialized craftsmen from an air conditioning company for the installation of the air conditioner. Thus, you also save on installation costs compared to the split system. Read more about air conditioning installation here. By the way: The installation is done exclusively from the interior, which is a plus especially for apartments or rooms on higher floors, because no scaffolding has to be erected.

Air conditioner assembly: schematic diagramOur air conditioners not only come to you ready to operate, but also remain maintenance-free afterwards: there is no need to check lines or top up coolant.

These advantages will also help you if you live in a rented apartment and make the proposal to your landlord: a wall-mounted air conditioner increases the value, but can also be easily dismantled if the next tenant does not take over, thanks to getting along without ducts - and you simply take your air conditioner with you to your new home!

Another great advantage is that all our air conditioning systems are self-sufficient, while other air conditioning systems have to be coordinated with each other. This means you can initially equip one room of your choice with an air conditioning system and, if you like it, easily retrofit other rooms at a later date.


Monobloc wall-mounted air conditioners offer you the same functions as split units, but are ultimately convincing due to their design without an outdoor unit: they are easy and cost-saving to retrofit as well as maintenance-free over their functional life of several years.

In addition, the air conditioners blend unobtrusively into your interior design due to their elegant design, while they are not visible at all from the outside. Since we are convinced of this design, you will find in our Store exclusively monobloc wall air conditioners.

If you have any further questions about the construction method, we will be happy to advise you via Mail or phone.

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